Greenlit! Our future plans..

Hi! Our game is approved on Steam Greenlight! Thank you all for your support and voices! As you know, Valve is going to close Greenlight and we are happy that we slipped through it and can move forward to release without that border. That’s how our results looks now in developer panel: It’s a second game by our […]

Working with animations in Freaky Awesome

Hi! We just decided to talk a bit about our tools for development which we are using for Freaky Awesome. Most of them developed in-house for our own using. It’s a lot of tools, but usually it’s a small things which help us to optimise our workflow. As we are small team of 3 guys, we want to […]

Announcing Freaky Awesome

After release of turn-based rogue-like SKYHILL we played a lot of dynamic games with co-op mechanics and decided that we can make something unique such players as we are. That’s why Freaky Awesome is the next project of Mandragora studio. Freaky Awesome is a dynamic action game with permanent death and randomly generated locations, in which you […]

Info for video content creators

You want to make a video or stream for our game on Youtube or Twitch? You are very welcome! You don’t have to ask us any permissions. We’ll be glad if in the description of your video you add a link to our other games (on Steam, Appstore, GooglePlay, etc.) and link to the website: […]