Announcing Freaky Awesome

After release of turn-based rogue-like SKYHILL we played a lot of dynamic games with co-op mechanics and decided that we can make something unique such players as we are. That’s why Freaky Awesome is the next project of Mandragora studio.

Freaky Awesome is a dynamic action game with permanent death and randomly generated locations, in which you can play alone or in a company of 4.

All environment in the game affects players and NPCs. Due to it, you’ll be able to use environment objects for making really fun and crazy great battles with ugly monsters.

When you killed any enemy you can walk smack into their remains. It will heal you, but you’ll get some infection, and sometimes you’ll mutate in a new form. Each mutation has unique skills and you should find the better ways to fight with monsters each time you change.

For sure, we can’t imagine this game without epic battles, tons of skills, items and different endings!

We plan to deliver a game with dozens of hours of great time spent mutating and screaming at the screen. In our opinion, the best way for it is to ask for some help from real players. We are welcome for players who is interested in our game to sign up for a beta!

You can also support us on Stean Greenlight!

Freaky Awesome will be released in Autumn 2017 on Steam. After that we are going to port it on PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One.